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ClimberVoice v1.0 build 3586

October 27, 2009
Time passes and new features gets added. Worth mentioning includes:


1. Latest stuff: This widget present the latest pitch added to the website
homepage latest stuff widget


2. Rating: You can now rate crags and pitches
pitch rating


3. Print: No need of an explanation ;-).


4. Google Maps. Lots of improvements here:
– It remembers the last position (and zoom level) you were looking at. Go check out that nice crag, when you’ll come back you’ll be exactly were you leave
– Added a pair of buttons “set starting position”/”go to starting position” to more easily save and go to a preferred location and zoom level on maps (useful when you browse & zoom like a mad and get lost)
– Full size functionality: The map is sometimes too small? Click “Full size” button to get a bigger map


5. Search in sidebar: Added a search box that’s always available on the sidebar
sidebar search box


6. Photos: This one was the most requested features on our suggestions system. Now you have a very slick way to upload multiple photo at once and an even slicker gallery to see them.
crag photos


A special thanks to all people that are working hard on ClimberVoice 🙂