It’s born!!! ClimberVoice goes live!

After a private beta period ClimberVoice has gone finally live on

The great idea 😉

The idea behind it is really simple, let climbers add and update the crags they know better in ClimberVoice. Make all those information discoverable through a powerful search and put them on a Google Maps map for an easily browsing.

Sounds nice but… what are the benefits?

  • A newly bolted pitch could be added immediately to let the world know about the new beatiful line. Guidebooks could become old very quickly, especially in active areas.
  • Coverage for remote areas and smaller crags that you won’t find inside any guidebooks. Currently you’re stuck on gathering some infos by dishomogeneous and sometimes outdated sources (if you’re lucky enough to find them). A lot of efforts for low quality results.
  • Thanks to Google Maps you can more easily plan your next climbing trip. Take a look to the crags you plan to visit.
  • During travels you can check ClimberVoice and see which crags are placed near you.
  • No middle man. If you’ve bolted a new pitch and want to share with the world, go add it.
  • I’m sure you’ll find a lot more…

It’s free, it doesn’t require registration for browsing and it’s open to anyone who wants to contribute  (adding crags & pitches that are missing).

ClimberVoice is pretty much in its early stage and I’d like it being entirely community driven. Tell me what you think and suggest features you think it absolutely need. Check out some of the great ideas already suggested and if you like some, go vote it.

If you want to know more check out about and faq.

Credits 🙂

None of this would have been possible without help. Here’s a bunch of people who have helped me through:

  • Andrea Gallo for his enthusiasm, efforts and ideas to make ClimberVoice a better site.
  • Pietro Polsinelli for push me on the right track every time we meet 😉 and help with my (cough.. cough..) barely understandable english.
  • Matteo Bicocchi who has helped me with the initial graphic design (I know there’s still a lot to do…) and his precious advises on jquery 😉
  • Roberto Bicchierai for his advices.
  • Massimo Montagni for his help with math & statistics.
  • Caterina Feroci who has helped me along the journey through a continuos streaming of useful advises.
  • All beta testers for their efforts and help.



One Response to “It’s born!!! ClimberVoice goes live!”

  1. Pietro Polsinelli Says:

    Great news! It looks and feels really nice, simple and useful. Hope to contribute translations (when it will be possible…)

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